Meet the Team

Julie Hamilton

President, Sales and Creative Account Manager

Julie Hamilton founded Avallo in 1996. With her experience in graphic design and project management, Julie leads the team at Avallo to come up with creative marketing ideas for our clients. Julie started her career as a graphic designer and then found her inner geekness. Her specialty is to take complex programming concepts and terms and translate to plain English for clients. Julie has four kids and lives, works and volunteers in Maple Grove. 

Weston Shaw

Web Scripting Engineer

In 2005, Julie hired Weston with the intent to shift Avallo's focus to web development. He specializes in PHP and Javascript and built Avallo Panel from the ground up. He's also the resident foosball champion. He spends his extra time with his three kids and wife.

Aaron Peloquin

Web Scripting Engineer

Aaron joined Avallo in 2009, bringing vast experience in PHP and database administration. He specializes in back-end administrative programming and built the "lol-php" framework, a development framework we use to build our custom applications. He lives in Maple Grove with his wife & daughter.

Justin Jordon

Web Scripting Engineer

Justin joined Avallo in 2016 contributing his knowledge of PHP, Javascript, and various other web technologies.  He started programming for fun at the young age of 13, so his drive purely passion.  In his spare time, he likes to make music and DJ when he's not riding his motorcycle.

Amber Verhulst

Graphic Designer, Front-End Developer

Amber came to Avallo in 2014 and is versed in both print and web. She is very passionate about the graphic arts and creating exquisite, memorable designs. She loves green tea, nerdism, animals, and laughing at the programmers' hijinks.

Lauren Munro

Graphic Designer, Front-End Developer

Lauren started as an intern for us and has now joined the full time crew. She is a recent graduate of UW Stout and will be working on design, creating websites, running client's social media programs and rebranding projects. Lauren lives in Maple grove and will be getting married in 2017. She also has a very cute fluffy cat. 

Nerizza Shaw

Production & Graphic Design

Nerizza has worked part time at Avallo for almost 10 years while raising her three children. She is a graduate of Brown College and is the resident web auction product finder and lives in Albertville with Weston.

Dave Hamilton

Business and Property Manager

Dave takes care of paying the bills and managing the Avallo office building. He also happens to work in televsion news as well.

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We are located at 7219 Forestview Lane N., Maple Grove, MN 55369
Feel free to give us a call at 763-488-1630 or use our contact form.