Importance of a Social Media Presence for Businesses

Social media is constantly growing in popularity and is a great resource for any kind of business to gain awareness. With an immense amount of people on social media each day, the opportunity to grow your business and be seen is possible with the right strategies.

Benefits to your business

Having a social media presence will help establish your business and brand. With the amount of people on social media, you can get your business noticed and build awareness. Depending on your type of business, this can yield potential customers and clients. Having social media pages can help to establish your business and gives customers/clients another way to get to know you. People are looking for a personal experience with businesses and being active on social media platforms builds trust and relationships. With this, the opportunity of an increase of sales and business growth is attainable. Another benefit is being able to know your customers and audience better by seeing their reactions and engaging with them online. Lastly, paid advertisements through social media can be helpful in gaining new followers, website traffic, leads, and more.


The most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. Depending on the type of business you have and where your audience is will determine which one(s) are the best option. For example, if your business serves only seniors, Facebook would be ideal whereas Instagram would not be very successful in getting to that audience. Regardless of what platform you are on, setting up your profile looks the same. If you include a bio, keep it short and simple of what your business is and what you do along with your logo as the profile image to build up your brand awareness.

It’s important to know your audience in order to make the best impact. This will impact what type of content you should post and how to engage with your audience. The older generations mostly prefer videos, content explaining how the product or service can improve their life, and real stories or testimonies from customers. The younger generations can be influenced by celebrities, new trends, and engagement with followers. If you have a mixed audience of ages, a variety of content will help reach everyone. Setting up a posting schedule would be helpful to ensure each post is different and that you remain active. With careful planning ahead of time, remaining active on social media can take a small amount of effort and help your business grow!