Our 25 Year History


Avallo Web Development was formed in 1996 by Julie Hamilton and her good friend. Julie had been an art director for 10 years at various agencies and companies and owned Direct Design. Her friend had been a corporate executive and owned a tax business company. The vision of Avallo was to bring Julie's creative talents and her friend’s business knowledge together and enter into the relatively new area of website design.

Almost immediately, Avallo became known for making visually stunning and creative websites when other sites were text orientated and had few graphics. As the company grew, so did internet technologies. As word got out about Avallo, their client base grew, and worked not only in print and web design but added advertising strategy and branding as well.

Avallo 1.0

In 2005, Julie took over as sole owner and focused on taking Avallo's business technology to a new level by hiring new programmers. With their expertise, Avallo could take on more complex web applications, and Julie was thrilled to have the staff who could create her marketing and creative visions.

Avallo 2.0

In 2009, Avallo launched a new custom content management system for websites called Avallo Panel. It allowed their clients to update and maintain their websites themselves - without any prior programming knowledge.

In 2014, Avallo took their web development expertise to the next level and offered Custom CMS, a fully responsive website building platform. It is completely customizable for creators, while still being easy and intuitive for the end user, with many added features including drag-and-drop technology for pictures and documents, a search function for both finding and moving pages, templates, and files, and new and improved plugins.

Avallo 3.0

Today, Avallo develops in whatever platform works best for their clients. Since they are programmers who code and not just design websites, they can work with 3rd party applications and their APIs (Application Programming Interface) to create custom online applications, program progressive apps and more!

Over the past 25 years, Avallo has changed and grown into a custom web development company that offers a full array of marketing services to grow their clients businesses including print design, online marketing and all the services needed for a strong marketing presence.

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