Avallo Service and Support

At Avallo, we believe that nobody knows your business better than you. That's why we provide each business and organization with the proper training and support in order to help them to be successful. Each of our clients is given the ability and training to control the content displayed on their websites.

Below are some examples of our support and services:

  • Training: We provide provide both in person or online training for staff members who will be managing the site. We also provide a comprehensive PDF manual and go through the manual in training.
  • Ongoing Monthly Technical Support: We offer free technical support for the first week after the site is launched to ensure everything is going smoothly. After 7 days, technical support and programming changes will be billed hourly. All changes are logged into our tracking system with detailed descriptions of work completed and shown on the monthly invoice as well.

Note: Avallo defines "technical support" or "programming support" as updates, maintenance, and changes that go above the original scope of the quote. Bug fixes and technical problems will NOT be billed or deduct time from monthly maintenance agreements

  • Response Time: During office hours (Weekdays- 8am-5pm CST), you can call and talk to one of our representatives for immediate assistance, or contact us via email and a response will be sent out shortly after the message is received.
  • After-Hours: For weekends and evenings, contact Julie Hamilton via text, phone call, or email: info@avallo.com. After hours calls and emails will always be responded to as soon as possible.
  • Disaster Recovery: Our Servers retain a daily, weekly, and monthly backup. On the date of site launch, we also create a physical backup that is stored off-site. Avallo Panel also has a backup and recovery feature built-in. You can create and download full site backups at any time. A restore point can also be created which can reset the site to a previous saved copy with the click of a button. We always encourage our customers to keep a backup on their local computers, as well.

Here at Avallo, we want to put the power of content creation in your hands and we're happy to teach you how to use all of the Avallo CMS features. You will be adding pictures and text in no time at all and if you ever find yourself wondering how to perform a certain task, just give us a call. We have your back.

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We are located at 8627 Vagabond Lane N., Maple Grove, MN 55311
Feel free to give us a call at 763-488-1630 or use our contact form.