Web 2.0

While it has been several years since the term "Web 2.0" came onto the scene, we at Avallo still hear the phrase come up from time to time in conversations. Whether it's with friends, clients, or fellow companies, it seems as if nobody can agree or is really clear on what "Web 2.0" really means.

At first glance, one could assume that "Web 2.0" is a new technology, a remake of the original internet, something better and faster. This isn't really the case. The internet is still being run on the same technology. While there are always changes and new technologies being added to the web, it is still built on the same basic framework. You may reupholster your couch to update the look, but it's still the same couch structure underneath.

"Web 2.0" is merely an idea; a coined phrase used to describe the changing ideas of how the internet should be used. In the early 2000's, companies began moving from static, informational websites to something more interactive. Websites moved from a digital business card of sorts to an open dialogue with customers and powerful marketing tool. Blogs, wikis, comments, forums, communities, consumer reviews, interactive searches, RSS feeds, and links are often associated with "Web 2.0", but in fact many of these features were around long before the emergence of the buzzword.

Since the exact definition of "Web 2.0" will vary depending on who you ask, don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to go with a company that deems itself "Web 2.0 Compliant." This doesn't really exist. What you should really be looking for is someone who follows W3C Web Standards, and can offer Search Engine Optimization. When you're ready to make the move from a stagnant website to a more interactive, customer-focused website, give us a call.