Announcing Avallo Panel's Soft Launch

A few years ago, Avallo began looking for a website content management system that would fit both Avallo's needs and the needs of our clients. I went to meeting after meeting without success. We found systems that only worked on PC's, another one was created by programmers in Russia, others written a decade ago and nowhere near up to current web standards, and other promising systems were filled with programming errors... the list of problems went on and on. Many were either too simple and put constraints on the site design or even restricted you to use only their pre-designed templates, and others were so incredibly complicated that no one except a web expert could figure it out. We spent months searching for a good program, but came back empty handed.

We knew exactly what we wanted: a content management system that was easy to use and intuitive for beginners, but powerful enough that even professional designers would love it... so we jumped in and created our own CMS - a system unlike any we had seen.

Read all about Avallo Panel below and contact me if you are interested in seeing a demo and discussing your needs.

Avallo Panel is a Content Management System (CMS) developed by Avallo, Inc. We designed and created Avallo Panel as a way to allow our clients to easily and efficiently manage, update, and change content on their websites.

Avallo Panel is different from other Content Management Systems available. First, Avallo Panel puts full control of your website in your hands. It incorporates a WYSIWYM editor that allows even users with no computer experience to write clean markup. Additionally, for more advanced users, Avallo Panel will allow you to view and edit the HTML, CSS, and Javascript that is controlling your site. By combining the ease of use of text editors with the ability to edit the code, Avallo Panel becomes a powerful tool for corporations and small business that want full control of their website.

Secondly, Avallo Panel was built just for you. Every website is different, and every client has different needs. We will sit down with you and figure out exactly how your company will get the best use out of our system. Because we developed Avallo Panel, we can make it work exactly how your business wants it to.

Listed below are some examples of the unique features that makes Avallo Panel stand out from other Content Management Systems:

  • Multiple Access Levels for different users: prohibit and allow different sections to be edited by different employees.
  • Calendar: Easily add events (including recurring events) with our interactive calendar.
  • Multiple Content Layouts: choose from pre-designed layouts, or create your own layout to determine how copy and images will display in your website.
  • Image Uploader: crop, re-size, and rename images straight from your digital camera onto your website. No image editing software required!
  • Adding New Pages: New pages will automatically appear in your navigation, making web updates a breeze!

Remember, Avallo Panel is not a template. We can either convert your existing website to work in Avallo Panel, or we can design a brand new website for you. In either case, Avallo Panel is completely customized for your unique site. You won't find anybody else with the same design as yours, which is common with online site builders.

Check out our new website. The only thing left is the tutorial. Look for us everywhere 2010 and I will see you at the next networking event!