The New SEO: Updated Relevant Content

Are people finding your website? As search engine optimization (SEO) evolves search engines are figuring out more efficient ways to help consumers find the webpage that best fit their search needs. When Google and Bing change their algorithm, businesses and web developers have to adjust as well.  The old days of using black hat SEO tactics such as repeated 1-point white text on white background targeting specific keywords are gone and the new dawn of content has taken over.  Google and Bing have gotten smarter and so have their search engine rank factors. This is why organizations and businesses with websites (hopefully that's all of you) need to make sure they have ability to edit and add new relevant content about their specific niche and business.

Avallo panel (shameless plug) is a content management system (CMS) and is one example of how hosting and web development companies are giving website owners the power to be found online. There are of course, other companies that also offer a wide range of control panels and user interfaces geared towards giving the business owner control of their own SEO. These content management systems like Avallo Panel have given businesses owners more control over their websites than ever before.  Website owners can add and adjust content and make basic changes all on their own. Each company now has a platform to talk about their craft, and it is the addition of the content they post that is helping consumers find the best fit when searching for businesses online.

Businesses who take the time to develop content on their websites are seeing the rewards. Content such as blogs, videos, pictures, social media integration, and other relevant information are all important elements in helping consumers find the most relevant websites. Google and Bing are finding websites with fresh relevant content and are ranking them higher in the SERPs. Content Marketing is the wave of the future and the future has never looked better for business owners who are knowledgeable about what they do. For those businesses that take the time to inform and engage their customers online, they will be rewarded with targeted traffic, more visitors, and loyal customers. Nobody knows a business better than its owner and CMS tools are giving business owners the power to transform their websites into online ambassadors for their businesses. If a website is going to rank high in search engines, it's going to need content and the business owners are just the right people to put it there.