On Website Security

We've been receiving numerous phone calls and referrals lately from distressed business owners whose website was taken down by their web host. Their website was built either by themselves or another company, and was recently compromised without their knowledge. The sites have been built in a variety of content management systems, but we've primarily seen the problems arise in Joomla and WordPress.

Hackers have been taking advantage of the widespread use of WordPress and Joomla and attacking insecure yet widely used plug-ins to take over the site and inject spam links to unsavory websites. The website looks normal and behaves normally, except for these links. Google or other search engines are usually the first to identify the hacking, which results in the website being flagged as being compromised or removed from search results all together.

This is usually when we get the phone call.

We take the security of both our websites and our web servers very seriously. For that reason, we've prohibited Joomla and WordPress websites from sharing space with our other websites. Our servers are monitored and kept up-to-date with the latest security software and firewalls. Our websites are built with security in mind, and Avallo Panel has an automatic updater that allows us to keep your site secure.

Having your website down for any length of time is detrimental to business. If you're having issues with your WordPress or Joomla website, or if you want to be proactive against would-be attackers, contact us. We can help you restore your site and reputation with search engines like Google, or take preventative measures so you never have to deal with this: