Under Construction Pages: Bad for Business

Under Construction pages are the bane of every web user. You're looking for specific information and you finally find a link that looks promising and suddenly: "Under Construction." Frustrated, you click back and find another site that will cater to your needs.

You may have been anxious to launch your site live and decided that the last bit of content would be added later. It's better to have something than nothing, right?

In most cases, you would be incorrect. Your website is a reflection of your brand. In the few precious seconds you have to capture your audience, you don't want them stumbling upon a unfinished page. How does this reflect on the rest of your work? Do you leave projects half-finished for weeks or months before tackling them? Even Google's Webmaster Guidelines recommend not publishing a page that has no content.

Websites are never "finished". They are a fluid, evolving marketing piece that should be constantly being updated.

So next time you're thinking about adding another page to your website, keep it off the web until it's complete. And if you need help getting your website up to par, give us a call. We will help make the process easy!