Landing Pages & SEO

Landing pages - we've all seen them. They're not your average home page. They're straight to the point, and deliver a lot of information in short amount of time. They've got a simple call to action, and invite users to purchase a product or a service. But we're not talking about your every day landing pages, we're talking about building an SEO campaign that involves landing pages to better track, filter, and guide customers to the information they're looking for.

I'm sure you've been to a website with a landing page that serves as an introduction to a website, often flashy graphics or even "welcome" animation. This is not the type of landing page that will help with your SEO. In fact, it can often hurt you.

Landing pages with regards to SEO and marketing campaigns are the pages that a customer will go to when they click on online ads, or e-mail links. These specialized pages draw special attention to a particular product or service. By having a special page to direct customers to with your internet marketing (be it ads or e-mail campaigns), you can better track how effective these marketing strategies are, and have a more precise conversion rate than your standard web page. Only users who view your ad or e-mail will be visiting the landing page, so you know how much traffic you are receiving from your marketing efforts.

Your landing page in and of itself could be optimized for particular keywords. The domain name, title, and content could be so focused on one aspect of your business that it gets better search results than your main website. You could have a landing page for each of your products, or each of the services you provide. It helps your customers get the information they are searching for right away.

Beware of "SEO" companies who want to offer you a landing page to help track your website, or even ones that give you a new phone number to help "track" leads. This can become very dangerous. The "landing page" they are creating for you is often on their domain - giving them better SEO, not you. Additionally, if you choose to discontinue the company's service, search engines will still point to their website and phone number, resulting in potential leads lost. If you truly want to get better search engine results, go for a more organic approach. These "smoke in mirrors" tricks to getting better search engine placement can only hurt you in the long run.

If you're interested in learning more about landing pages, or would like to get started on your ad or e-mail campaign, contact us at Avallo. We can get you started on the right track with your online marketing strategies.