Reliable & Secure Web Hosting

If you're looking for a local and reliable web host, we've got you covered. Our hosting packages come with free use of our DNS Cluster, which has multiple physical locations across the united states - meaning if one goes offline, the others will still keep on working. Our primary data center is located in one of the Googleplex buildings, certified for SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3, and PCI-DSS, and 1Gbps throughput.

We offer three hosting packages for our clients at competitive rates. If your needs do not fit our packages, Avallo can customize an unlimited package for you. If you require any additional services, you can purchase them from our a la carte hosting services.

Hosting Packages
Disk Storage 2.5GB 7.5GB 12GB +
Bandwidth/month 10GB 25GB 75GB +
IO/second 1.25MB 1.5MB 2MB
Monthly Fee $26 $38 $60 - $155

All Web Hosting Packages include:

  • Free SSL (AutoSSL, SHA-256 with RSA Encryption)
  • LAMP hosting environment
  • Analytics and statistics on website visitors
  • Server Monitoring
  • Outbound spam filtering for all hosted domain names (protecting contact form submissions, and other emails sent from your website).
  • Firewall Protection
  • Additional protections in place against
    • DDOS Attacks
    • Brute force attacks
    • Spam Bots
  • Account and website backups
    • Nightly (retains the past two days)
    • Monthly (refreshes on the first of the month)
  • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST Phone Support

A La Carte Hosting Services

  • Premium incoming spam filter - $5/month
  • A Stronger Private SSL - Price depends on the encryption level required

Security Information

Website security is a critical aspect of maintaining a safe and trustworthy online presence. In today's interconnected world, where websites play a pivotal role in business operations, communication, and information dissemination, safeguarding them against malicious activities is paramount. Cyber threats such as hacking, data breaches, and malware attacks pose significant risks to both website owners and their visitors. To mitigate these risks, Avallo has robust website security practices implemented.

Every Avallo Website is Secure

One fundamental component of website security is the use of encryption protocols, such as HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), which ensures that data transmitted between a user's browser and the website's server is encrypted and cannot be easily intercepted by malicious actors. HTTPS not only protects sensitive information like login credentials and payment details but also enhances user trust and SEO rankings. Additionally, implementing a web application firewall (WAF) serves as a first line of defense against various forms of cyberattacks. A WAF analyzes incoming traffic and blocks suspicious or malicious requests, preventing common threats like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks from exploiting vulnerabilities in the website's code.

Avallo Servers are Monitored Constantly 

Regular software updates and patch management are crucial to website security. Avallo conducts regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to eliminate weak points in a website's architecture, code, and configurations. By proactively addressing these issues, Avallo clients can significantly reduce the risk of breaches and ensure a secure online experience for their users. In an ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, Avallo uses a holistic approach to website security involving encryption, intrusion prevention, and ongoing maintenance is indispensable for safeguarding digital assets and maintaining user confidence.

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