Why Graphic Designers Love Avallo Panel

Avallo was incorporated in 1996. The plan was to take my graphic designer and marketing skills and my partner's business skills and enter the fairly new world of website design. I had been a freelance graphic designer and had a nice array of clients who were excited to be entering the web world with us. I did research into web programming and decided it was time to hire our first employee - coding was not for me.

Most graphic designers feel the same way. Some have spent hours and hours of time in classes and still struggle with coding and programming. Other graphic designers have tried to use CMS systems but find are extremely limiting for design. Some other graphic designers partner with programmers, but this can often blow a budget long before a project is started. So what is a graphic designer to do?

With 25 years experience in advertising, I know graphic designers. Avallo Panel is a graphic designer's best friend. Here is how it works:

  1. Graphic Designer designs the website and gets approval from client.
  2. With final approval, Graphic designer sends PSD file to Avallo
  3. Avallo programmers build site into Avallo Panel to Graphic Designer's specifications.
  4. All content can be added by Graphic Designer or Avallo.
  5. Site goes live and it can be maintained by Graphic Designer, the client or Avallo.
  6. Graphic Designer is now a website designer without touching the code.

Avallo Panel is unlike any other CMS (Content Management System) out now because it DOES NOT limit a Graphic Designers creativity. And the greatest thing of all? We speak English and we answer the phone when you call. We also love what we do and we LOVE Graphic Designers!