Nonprofit Website Design

The team at Avallo believes in social responsibility and we love it when our talents and work produce results that change the world for the better. Because we love giving back to our community, we provide our services to nonprofits at a reduced rate. We can grow your nonprofit online with a results-driven website by using the newest fundraising apps or even creating a custom campaign just for you. Awareness and branding of your nonprofit can make all the difference. We can segment your audience (volunteers, donors, events and education) and provide them with the information and applications to capture their attention.

Utilize Social Media to Gain Supporters

The main goal of any nonprofit website is to turn your website's visitors into supporters of your organization. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is through the integration of social media, which will increase awareness of your cause. While it is important that your website provides the basic information about your organization in a clear and understandable way, utilizing social media along with calls to action on your website is a very effective way to gain even more support and followers. One simple way to increase your organization's awareness is by posting content to your website that can be easily shared on all social media channels. Social Media is a wonderful way to get the word out about your organization among audiences that might be otherwise unreachable via more traditional forms of PR like press releases. 

Provide Meaningful Content

Nothing captures your audiences attention like powerful photography and videos that speak to their emotions while being paired with text that beautifully tells your organization's story and gives meaning to the images. One single stunning image on your website could be all it takes to conjure enough emotional response from your visitors to get them involved with your cause, sharing your message and donating. Try to utilize professional photography wherever possible to ensure that your visual content is of high enough quality to stick with your audience. Updating your website's content on a regular basis is a great way to stay relevant and keep your visitors interested. Utilizing sliders and image slideshows on your website is an effective way to create more user interaction and gets more clicks than static content. Visitors came to your website to learn more about your organization, so make it easy for them by providing infographics that lay out general information about your nonprofit and let them know exactly what they can to to help you achieve your goals.

Make it Easy to Donate

When designing a nonprofit website , it is very important to make it easy for your visitors to find their way through the website, learn more about the organization, get informed about the problems you you are trying to solve and get passionate about wanting to donate their money. To accomplish this, it should be made very clear what the pathway to your conversion goal is so that it can be monitored and if donation rates drop you can identify which part of the conversion process is causing people not to date. Donation buttons should grab the users attention and be easily found from every part of the website. One way you can keep the donation button constantly visible is by having it scroll along with the user so that even below the fold of the website it is still available. It is important to recognize that the audiences visiting a nonprofit website have quite different intentions than people visiting an e-commerce site and the site should be designed accordingly. Your call to action should clearly state to your audience what their donation will do for the organization and give a roadmap for where a donor's money will end up going towards furthering your cause. 

Crescent Cove 

Crescent Cove offers care and support to children and young adults with a shortened life-expectancy, and to their families who love them. They are one of the first children hospice centers in Minnesota. Avallo donated their website to help build awareness of what they are doing, adding a donation page, and upcoming events.

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