Turn your Excel Worksheets into Online Applications

Companies use Excel spreadsheets for internal sales sheets, complex calculations, or storing data. But how secure is it? Can this worksheet fall into the wrong hands? Or is it simply inconvenient to use? Do multiple employees need to use the same worksheet, making version control a nightmare? More and more, companies are switching to secure online applications, making their lives (and their employees lives) easier.

Online applications can do more heavy-lifting than their offline counterparts, and can even be more secure. Your information and data can be secured with sophisticated encryption, and with a user login system, you can grant access to only specified users, and even log when users view the data.

Even for data that isn't sensitive, online applications can be handy for storing calculations that your sales people use on a daily basis. These applications can be available from mobile devices and tablets - making your sales force more flexible than ever.

Think your problem is too complex for an online solution? Go ahead: challenge us. We've never found a situation where an online application wouldn't improve workplace efficiency.