Custom Web Applications

Avallo can create new applications or maintain your current custom business software applications

From online reservation and e-commerce tools, to internal inventory management systems, scheduling, and even human resources, Avallo can create custom web applications that will not only save you time and money, but will help centralize and organize day-to-day activities.

Already have a custom application and you need a developer to maintain it? There are times when a company loses it's in-house developer and needs a development company to jump in and keep everything running smoothly. Avallo is here for whatever is needed. 

Custom web-based applications can be accessible from any computer with an internet connection - as long as you have the proper credentials - which makes them incredibly convenient. Different access levels can be set, allowing certain employees access to only certain portions of the application. Additionally, your information can be encrypted to ensure the security of your data.

Below are some of the examples of custom web applications:

  • Reservation / Ticketing Systems : With real-time availability, your customers can make reservations and pay online; even print out tickets. Hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, concert tickets... whatever! Your application will be completely customized to your specific needs.
  • E-commerce : Automate your online store with inventory systems, credit card processing, automated invoices, and even print out the shipping label. You can also view reports generated by your shopping cart to see what product is getting the most attention, or what you may need to restock. Make it even easier for your customers to re-order their favorite products by offering a quick reorder option. We can even integrate your favorite shipping company to offer real-time shipping rates for orders.
  • Scheduling / Appointments / Calendar Systems : Make it even easier for your clients to schedule an appointment online; Internally, schedule your employee's hours, or even schedule their tasks for a day. Schedule and announce events and meetings from one simple interface.
  • Information Collection : Collect valuable information from your clients, from anonymous surveys to membership registrations. Use the information to keep in touch with your clients, inform them of new products or offers, or just to keep a record of clients.
  • Information Reporting : Collecting data is one thing, finding a use for it is a whole other story! We can create a reporting system that will take information stored in a database and display it in a user-friendly interface. You can even sort and view only the data you want (select a date range and view the applicants in that time period, etc.).
  • Office Administrative Tools : Payroll and time clocks, accounting, invoicing systems, HR functions like employees healthcare info, time off information and work rules and regulations... now if only your website could make your coffee for you!

Here at Avallo, we're passionate about customization. We want our clients to get exactly what they are looking for in custom applications. We don't want to box our clients into how we think something should work, we will work closely with you to offer a solution to meet your specific needs. We're only limited by your request! So, contact us today to get started on your custom web application.

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