Web Optimization: Giving Markup Meaning

The structure of the content that goes into your website is almost as important as the content itself. Having content that is not properly structured can make it difficult for some users to access your site. Markup with meaning also helps a lot with SEO. When your content is properly formatted it ranks higher for Google.

Image Tag Alt Text

The images on your website convey meaning to visitors, but what if that visitor is blind or a google bot crawling your website? Adding alt text to images gives a text description to that image to let blind individuals and Google know what that image is about. Alt text can also be helpful for SEO purposes since it tells what the images on your website are about.

Headings and Paragraphs

A great way to tell Google what is important on your website is by utilizing heading and paragraph tags in your content. As a rule of thumb you should only use H1 tags for the most important items on the page, like the title of the page. H1 Tags (large headings) tell your reader and google that this is the main subject that you are talking about. All paragraphs under this H1 should be related to that main subject. You can also make an H2 under an H1 which will tell them that you're now talking about a subtopic of that main subject. All paragraphs under this h2 are talking about that sub-topic. You can then make a new H1 on another subject and start the whole process all over again.