New Years Website Resolutions

Just about everyone makes New Year's resolutions for themselves, like making more money or spending less time at the office. So why not a New Year's resolution for your business? Or better yet - how about a New Year's resolution for your website and have your website work harder and make you more money to help your business run smoother so you can spend less time in the office.

Here is a list of New Year's Web Resolutions for small business:

  1. Get more potential customers to your website: This is an obvious one, but it's often easier said than done. If you don't have people coming to your site or don't know to get them there, make this your priority for 2010. There are many ways to attract potential customers to your website, but the easiest way is to have good, informative content that helps customers make a decision, or learn more about your product or services.
  2. Add new content to your website frequently and keep it up to date. This not only helps your search engine ranking, but it also will keep your customers coming back. Once they learn they can get up-to-date information, they will return when they have future questions or want to make future purchases.
  3. Get all of your internal and external forms online. Going digital not only saves trees, but also saves you and your office time and money. Storage and retrieval is a snap compared to shoveling through papers and file cabinets. Additionally, it makes it easier for your clients to get important information to you. No more faxes, postage stamps, or driving to drop off forms.
  4. Make sure all of you advertising pushes customers to your website for more information - to a special landing page for tracking is best. By having a separate landing page for your marketing purposes, you can gauge how effective your marketing campaign is. Using special tools, you can track the number of people going to this website versus the number of hits you're getting to your regular website.
  5. Use your website to collect new potential customers interest and contact information. It's one thing to get people to your website, but by collecting their information, you can keep in contact with interested customers with e-mail marketing, or letting them know about special promotions. You could also offer special monthly promotions to only those on your mailing list, which would encourage clients to sign up.
  6. Create separate websites for your best selling products and services - link them all together. By having landing pages for specific products, and having different domain names for these pages, you can improve your rank for particular products or services. By linking them all together, you can lead people to your website, where they will find additional information about all of your products, not just the one they were searching for.
  7. Use your website to become an expert in your field. Having well written content is important, but the content should also be informative and pertinent to your customers needs. By offering as much information as possible, you can have an advantage in the market. Clients will come to your website because they know you will answer all their questions - which will help them make a decision faster.
  8. And finally - find a website development company that can help you achieve your New Year's Website Resolutions. Whether you want a website that can be easily updated or you want a complete website redesign to meet your New Year's Resolution needs, Avallo can help you achieve your goals. Call Julie today and please, visit our website at: