The Story of Avallo

Every business has a start-up story. Avallo is no different. My friend Barb wanted to leave her sales tax business (due to law changes) and do something different. I was a freelance designer having started Direct Design in 1994. We investigated a few different options: buying a printing franchise (too many chemicals and smelly), starting a document scanning service (not much interest back then for those services), or starting a multimedia and website design company. I was already dipping my creative toes into web design and Barb had a lot of business contacts, so it made a lot of sense to go with the last option.

Our first choice for a name was "Avalon". It came from the Arthurian Legend based around the Island of Avalon. The artwork created from the Arthurian Legend story was both beautiful and inspiring, and the stories are timeless. Everyone knows of Merlin the magician and King Arthur's rise to power.

However, Toyota had the Avalon, so we decided not to go there. Try searching for Avalon and you will see there are millions of results, many of which are companies. We also wanted our domain name to be the (no dashes, no inc. on the end, just our Back in 1997, you could still do that. Not wanting to get confused with a car, or lost in the crowd, we did some research, and found some variations of the word "Avalon": Abhlach, (yuck), Avallen, (Okay, but not strong) and Avallo. We chose Avallo because the only other company was Avallo Humidors. Avallo was easy to spell, easy to remember, and was available. At one point there was also a porn star named Avallo, but thankfully she quickly disappeared from the web, hopefully finding a new line of work.

Our logo is inspired by the artwork of the legend. Barb had gorgeous art books where we got our inspiration. As the story goes, the island had a magic tree full of golden apples (hence our gold logo with the apple on the end). Also, we have an office full of Apple Computers, iPhones, iMacs, and software, so the apple seemed very appropriate.

When you come visit our office, you will enter through castle doors to be greeted by our knight, King Arthur. Okay, it's a lot cooler than it sounds. So email me to stop by and see us. (We don't come to work in costumes - I promise) Our brand is displayed on all of our print advertising, website and other materials. A good brand makes advertising almost easy and always fun. If you need help finding your brand, contact us and we will help your business tell your story.

I leave you will the poem written by a friend back in 1997... Enjoy!

Once upon a time we were ensorcelled

by long-ago Celtic legends,

some say ancient memories,

of Uther Pendragon and King Arthur and Merlin Emrys

and the Faery world of Avalon.

Avalon, Isle of Paradise, last resting place

of Arthur the Sleeping King.

Avalon, with Magic Orchards of Golden Apples

where time stands still in mystery and wonder.

Abhlach. Avallen. Avallon. Avallo - Island of Apples.

Avallo, land of The Dream Time;

of harmony and magic and poetic enchantment,

a legend resonating with all that is hopeful and good;

where anything and everything is possible.

Avallo. The Magic lives on.

Through us.

For you.

Come, let us weave you a legend.