Avallo Panel vs. Wordpress

How is Avallo Panel better than WordPress?

I was really surprised when I first got asked this question. Avallo Panel is a website management system. WordPress is a blogging system. In fact, we even have a WordPress plugin for Avallo Panel for blogging. Comparing the two of these would be like comparing apples and oranges, but because the question comes up, I wanted to answer it.

Avallo Panel was created as a website or content management system for our clients. We designed and built it to be as intuitive as possible for developers and non-developers alike. We have also designed a comprehensive plug-in system that allows you to add on and grow your website as your company grows. In the future, should you need to add a shopping cart, more forms, a calendar system, or even advertising, implementing these plug-ins are easy and will not affect the rest of your website.

WordPress, on the other hand, was originally built and is marketed as a blogging system. We're not here to bash WordPress, and it is the best blogging system out there, but its CMS capabilities are limited. We have built several blogging sites using WordPress for our clients, and have integrated WordPress into a dozen Avallo Panel sites. When it comes to creating your entire website in WordPress, you may run into issues and limitations. Because plug-ins are user created, there's no telling if one plug-in may conflict with another plug-in, or if a plug-in can cause security issues. Also, since WordPress is constantly updating, we have had some clients who have run into compatibility issues with old plug-ins breaking when WordPress is updated.

Case and point, not even WordPress' website is running with WordPress. Once you get to the "News" page, you will see that they are actually running WordPress for their blog.

This is how we at Avallo also utilize WordPress. We feel that WordPress is used best as a blogging interface, and the rest of the website can be more effectively managed using a website management system such as Avallo Panel.