Meet the Team

Julie Hamilton

President, Sales and Creative Account Manager

Julie Hamilton founded Avallo in 1996. With her experience in graphic design and project management, Julie leads the team at Avallo to come up with creative marketing ideas for our clients. Julie started her career as a graphic designer and then found her inner geekness. Her specialty is to take complex programming concepts and terms and translate to plain English for clients. Julie has four kids and one grand child and lives, works and volunteers in Maple Grove. 

Amber Verhulst

Lead Front-End Developer and Graphic Designer

Amber came to Avallo in 2014 and is versed in both print and web. She is very passionate about the graphic arts and creating exquisite, memorable designs. She loves green tea, nerdism, animals, and laughing at the programmers' hijinks.

Ian Hamilton

Full Stack Developer and Server Administrator

Ian joined Avallo in 2016 as a web develope. After graduation he stayed and has used his programming degree to take Avallo to the next level.  He started gaming and programming for fun at the age of 5, so his drive is purely passion.  In his spare time, he likes to hang with his dog Huxley and game with his friends.

Ian has a Bachelor of Science Degree Computer Science at Metropolitan State University.

Lisa Marek

Director of Creative Services

Lisa is the newest hire and with her and Julie's creative collaboration will bring Avallo's creative to a new level. Lisa comes to us after 10 plus years of friendship and networking partners. Lisa has two decades of graphic design experience and brings a fresh perspective.

Lisa has a bachelors from Augsburg and has one daughter Anna who is heading off to college. She is newly engaged. 

Dave Hamilton

Office Manager

Dave takes care of the bills and manages the financials. He also happens to work in television news.

Looking for Entry Level Front End Developer

Want to join a team where the pressure is low and the work is suburb? We are looking for an entry level Front End Developer. You will work at the office and collaborate with the entire team and learn cool things everyday. A perfect applicant is a candidate in school or right out of school. See the job requirements. Apply at

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